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Tree of Life Suncatcher Rainbow

Tree of Life Suncatcher Rainbow

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These Tree of Life Sun catchers are handmade with several strands of wire, intricately twisted together to form roots, a trunk, and branches with beautiful beaded "leaves." The beads are all different and may be faceted, smooth, stone, glass, ceramic, pearl or crystal.

Main color of the bead leaves: rainbow. 
Choose your sun catcher based on the photos and their matching description.  You will receive the selected sun catcher.

Sun catcher measures 7.25" on a metal ring.  Hangers are approximately 1.5-2" long.

See all other Tree of Life Sun catchers by searching "Tree of Life" or here: https://www.themakerspostnh.com/search?q=tree+of+life

This product was made by Winding Wire Designs.  All rights to work pictured belong to that of the artisan.