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Reusable Starter Kit
Reusable Starter Kit

Reusable Starter Kit

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These reusable starter kits are a perfect way to sample a few of all of the sizes we carry. These sets are 100% cotton flannel reusable textiles.  The starter kit contains 3 no paper towels (10"x12"), 3 cloth napkins (9"x9"), 3 cloth wipes (7"x8"), and 5 facial rounds (3").  The mixed pack comes with a different print each. The prints in your set are based on our inventory. 

The fabric is not pre washed. Please, wash before use.  Fabric placement will vary.
Machine was cold/warm and tumble dry. No ironing needed, just flatten with your hands.

Flannel naturally clings together.
The best way to store the no paper towels or napkins/wipes in your kitchen is either folded up in a little basket or roll them up on your empty paper towel roll. The facial rounds can be stored in a basket, jar or drawer.

*** All items are made in a dog friendly home.

These products are made by Baby Bird Craft. All rights to work belong to that of the artisan.