Cotton Candy Bunny Handmade Soap

Cotton Candy Bunny Handmade Soap

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Handmade soap, made from skin loving ingredients in micro batches. What’s glycerin soap? It’s an amazing  moisturizing soap because glycerin acts as a humectant, which means that it draws moisture to your body. You won't feel dry or have that feeling of residue left behind like other soaps!  Plus, it lathers beautifully.

Clear bar with embedded bunny shapes in various colors.

This sugary scent is enhanced by fruity notes of strawberry, raspberry, and black currant, while base notes of tonka, vanilla, and a hint of light musk keep this ultra sweet scent grounded.

Net Wt: ~3.5oz

Ingredients: Water, glycerin, sodium stearate, sodium oleate, sorbitol, sodium laurate, sodium myristate, sodium chloride, stearic acid, lauric acid, pentasodium pentetate, tetrasodium etidronate, fragrance, skin safe colorants.

Any rights to work pictured belong to that of the artisan.